The Isaac Somto Foundation

On a mission to empower and impact the African community

Something About Us

The Isaac Somto Foundation was created for empowering and impacting the general public (especially within the African community), We additionally make use of the power of the pen to educate, impact and empower the general public. We are trying to make a change through writing, giveaways and other various means. We also try to partner with organisations with same goals of impacting.

Impacting And Empowering

The Isaac Somto Foundation seeks to impact people (especially those within the African community) alongside empowering them. We are on a mission to promote Africa literature, gender equality and other social development goals.

Promoting African Writers

We believe we can promote African writers by creating various projects that connects readers to African writers, stories and poems. And also projects that connects African writers to opportunities.

Partnering To Achieve

In Helen Keller's words “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. We believe in those words. We believe we can do so much in achieving our goals by partnering with organisations that shares mutual goals.

Our Projects

These are some of our projects created to achieve our goals.

Discovering Africa

Discovering Africa


Discovering Africa is a program which is aimed at telling Africa story through creative writings, poems etc It's also a program created to treat issues bordering the African community.

African Writers Hq

African Writers Hq


African Writers Hq is a platform dedicated to impacting African writers by bringing opportunities closer to them, sharing useful tips and promoting their works. Also, African Writers Hq shares journals about Africa history and her people.