Arewa my friend
As I guy that I was, I had things I thought about and felt naive to try.
   Arewa was this unpredictable sanguine who had his way with life. His parents were always busy with work and that meant "freedom".He was the one who thought me how to fold papers to mimic "cigarette" until eventually we tried out the real one, he thought me one of those dramatic walking steps that "guys with the swag " did, he thought me how to bounce with my fingers clutced in-between my tight jeans pants since it was the trendings.
     For the young teenage girls, he thought me how to steal their attention....." Borrow her chemistry note or tell her you didn't understand the last equation" he would wink ,grinning like a child who had won a lottery. We often visited my village where we swam from dawn to dusk in the river caring less about what any one had to say.
     Won't forget the day he told me to try that cocaine that he had sneaked out of madam T's was hell i tell you, we downloaded the stuff and applied the rest of the substance around the edges of our eyes like a female would apply an  eye pencil claiming that it was " OTANGELE" an Igbo word and a substance mostly black which people believed was a
substitute cure to a dreaded eye problem .
    He  laughed at me when I couldn't dance "ordinary shoki" and told me to bend and throw my fingers at my left eye.
    I helped him in class texts since I was just a brainy boy who he believes was allergic to being rugged and social but naïve.
     I didn't enjoy the times we quarreled over little issues although they helped to build my hardened part.i didn't enjoy the times he turned his back on me, neither did I enjoy the times he fell ill.....
    I was'nt able to bring myself to sift the bad times from the good ones, but I tried.
     I was shocked when he told me on  his sick bed to abstain from smoking just as sex since it wasn't leading any where. Arewa died in my presence on the hospital bed.i cried , I have never cried for some one, but I did for Arewa.....
      Wouldn't forget how he had my back when seniors with the bully syndrome attacked.
     Wouldn't forget your usual greetings..." Guy keeee way" or " Ogini na afio?"..... even the times I was angry you would say" Guy butue".... gesturing in a manner that was saying calm down.
   Even though I wasn't Igbo, you made me craving to be , to speak "ENGLIIGBO"and the rest of the Igbo cracksI wouldn't forget how he complains of the out dated DJ  with the weird name" DJ baby boy".
  Arewa died of lungs of the cancer at the age of eighteen.Now here I am feeling down with emotions conflicting like a rumbling river, I close my eyes and tears presses out flooding my face....I miss you dear Bestie.....RIP
This is just non fictional....I just constructed it.... don't get thing twisted.蠟