My spirit

My spirit resembles a bottle crushed on a stone 
Isolated into to pieces, you attempt to settle it 
You get sharp cut and agonies 
My cheeks has turned into the pathways of tears

My spirit resembles a glass dropped hard on the ground 
Isolated into Pieces of which can't be settled 
However, it's assembled back 
Indications of the fall is self-evident 
Can be clearly observed

My spirit why you wound up destroyed 
Why you fell like the scriptural Goliath 
Loaded with quality yet vanquished with only a Stone

My fizzled soul, why have you caused me so much tears? 
So much distresses? Furthermore, unobtrusively grabbed my grins 
Fell solid once, fell a thousand of times

My spirit moans, my heart bleeds, 
Into the risky world I jumped; 
Powerless, stripped, funneling boisterous, 
Like a beast stowed away in a cloud 
The dim spreads me, and I can't run now My blood running chilly

My spirit, my insight, my experience 
They have all fizzled me, what would i be able to do? 
Sitting tight persistently for Mans inescapable yet cruel companion 
To take me of the earth, and never return 
At the point when my breath will seize, and my heart seizes to beat the drum of life 
Since my spirit has fizzled me 😔.