It was John's burial, he was a scientist who kicked the bucket in his rest, his better half, children and relatives wore a gloomy appearance as tears moved down the external surface of the sides of their oral cavity... It was late around evening time, everyone went calmly..

Beyond the genuine world, John was in a thick dark world he noticed the smell of burning flesh, and he couldn't decode.
He was simply dropped into a jail cell, much the same as a customary jail cell, similar to your envision, with harsh colossal stone dividers also, bars on the entryway. He didn't know where he was yet. All he knew was that it was amazingly hot, frightfully hot. It was so hot, he couldn't accept, that he was alive. He gazed up in fear to a dark figure approaching over him. "What do you need!, What are you?"
"I have it as of now," the rough voice answered. "Your soul."
"what are you saying? soul doesn't exists, I'm dead.. I thought"
John answered, the dark figure burst out in chuckling that depicted mockery, pounding a sharp hot object further into John's chest. There was the murmur of cooking tissue. John shouted out in desolation. "There is no Soul!" He felt himself floating towards unconsciousness. The figure glared and said "You are a fool, you betrayed yourself." Subsequent to hearing this John battled to keep his senses, yet the haziness was shutting in. After a minute, notwithstanding, the figure chose to leave, and 4 creatures went to the cell to remain with him, They were around 12 or 13 feet tall, Two of Which had scales everywhere on their bodies, mammoth jaws with tremendous teeth, and hooks standing out, alongside indented in eyes. They were simply huge. Also, the other one didn't resemble this by any means, however it had dangerously sharp balances done with one long arm and out of extent feet. Everything was distorted and turned and out of extent, out of symmetry, no symmetry, one arm longer and one shorter and simply odd looking creatures, appalling, loathsome looking things. they were all textured, with goliath jaws with immense teeth, and paws standing out, alongside depressed in eyes. They were simply gigantic. they brought out a sharp edged blade and conveyed it to John's face, as they penetrated it into john's chest, he let out a boisterous shout..

"For God sake!, please forgive me, I'm sorry.. Jesus!! Please!" John shouted. However, it was to late...

**He needs it now,  not later,  they both need it,  It's left for you to choose whom to give it to before it's late... 🚶