Since the get-go,
Numerous have come, numerous have gone
Why am I mortal?
Secured in a jail called the flesh,
Never Immune to torments, powerless against sufferings
Reviled to be mortal

Distress like a perpetual rain
Thumps upon our souls
Watching love ones go to a place that is known for no arrival,
So it is, thus it will be, for so it has been, time out of brain:
Into the dimness they go, the astute and the exquisite ones,
Watching torments come however never go
I begrudge the immortals, their adoration ones never go

Work day and night to fabricate an existence,
Remembering I'll leave those one day
Each birthday celebrations I praise, attracts me nearer to my flight to eternity
Where will I go, debilitated by the contemplations
I'm just mortal

Carrying on with an existence, apprehensive of being harmed,
Realizing that if torments come I'll be destabilized
We never get the opportunity to grin until the end of time,
in the event that lone we were immortal
We would work with full quality knowing we'll never leave our life,
Be that as it may, it's miserable to know we haven't begun our voyage yet,
When we leave this confine called flesh, when it's covered and pulverized,
There begins our adventure.