Just Go

When they don't understand,
You exist but a ghost to them.
A confused ghost in the middle of an emergency room.
Trying your possible best to fix the puzzle around you.
Your Family pushing and pointing at your body crying.
The Doctor saying things you don't believe to your Family making their tears , like a serene stream that just lost its serenity, aflow endlessly.
You also tried to stop the nurse from covering your body.
Even as you shout" I'm here, I'm not dead. Can somebody hear me.Hello, Mr Doctor, I'm standing right in front of you".
You're ignored.
You no longer exist.
You're a Ghost.
That's how they see you now.
That's why, no matter what, they'd never understand you.
After the tears, You're buried.
Forgotten almost but for a few memories and pictures(take more pictures).
Life moved on without you.
That's your present situation.
You're forgotten when they see you as a complicated fellow.
You're multiple now.
You are no longer the nicest person who'd never hurt a soul. Nicest translated to the dumbest person who is always hurt .
You now ask questions and demand for answers.
You now look them in their faces and talk back at them.
They no longer "understand" you.
"You've changed".They constantly tell you.
You are no longer who they are used to.

So you're now a ghost to them.
Even when you let tears do the explanation for you.
Even when you talk and quote.
Worst still, when you let actions speak for you.
They would say." You've grown wings" and would want to tame you.
No matter how hard you try.
They'd never understand that you want to try more and do more for yourself.
That you no longer want to EXIST.You want to LIVE.
That you want to let down your guards and view the World from another dimension.
That you want to leave and come back with your own share of whatever the World has to offer.
You really want to LIVE.
Do you think they would ever understand?
Do you think you would achieve your aim with them?
Now, this is where Extraordinary separates itself from Mediocre.
You're special and there are special people you should meet.
Why not pack up and go?
Even The Ghost at the Emergency room did that.
After shouting for hours or so.
He bid them farewell and left.
Just outside the door to the Emergency room,
He met his kind.
Who could see him and understand him.
Your kind is out there , waiting for you.
Just go.

©Ella Solumtochukwu