The Beautiful Feminist
written by : Isaac Somto
"I'm presently 43 years old with no man... Am I not
beautiful?" ..jane asked herself as she lies on the
bed with distresses...
18 years ago Jane got admission to study Law at
the university, the entryways of paradise opened
with a reverberate of songs from the blessed
messengers singing applauds, she looked silently
into the far off sky with yells of delight, it wasn't her
first time of taking the Jamb exams, every single
past exertion were demonstrated fruitless... In any
case, at long last she got it, her heart was for sure
loaded with Melody. Jane no uncertainty is an
excellent young lady, gapped toothed, and beguiling
grins and sentimental eyes transmitted signs that
could transport one to land of fantasies. Her Beauty
was a sensation and perfect.
After five years, Jane was out of the university and
have been called to bar, Jane finished out soundly
and granted with a few presents, Her father, Mom
and kin were all glad for her being the first daughter
of the Offor family, the Offor family comprises of,
three young ladies and two young men.
Suitors after suitors.... Were altogether dismissed
Propositions to be engaged after recommendations
... Were altogether dismissed inside the space of
five years.. She was sitting tight for "Mr perfect".
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Most likely Jane wound up affluent and well known,
she moved toward becoming dreaded by many, she
inferred delight in influencing men to feel less, frail,
irrelevant and of no incentive to her and society on
the loose... Quietly and furtively in her wardrobe
she petitioned God for a man, publicly she
preached the significance of not having a man, she
lectured about the lady being the leader of the
family, numerous married women took such her
words and practiced it, Jane was in charge of
numerous homes separating... She was never
married or experienced yet advised wedded ladies.
Following a year, she met Francis who she went
gaga for, Francis additionally succumbed to her, he
took a stab at taking her for a date, she refused...
He tried conversing with her she shunned him... Be
that as it may, in her storage room she appealed to
God for Francis adoration, kiss and embraces. Her
closest companion, Cynthia was likewise an
exceptionally delightful young woman, yet wasn't
exchanging the ways Jane exchanged, Cynthia
attempted to influence Jane to see reasons to
acknowledge Francis, yet she generally answered "I
don't want distractions now".
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At last was 34 years of age, her more youthful
sisters were altogether married, Cynthia got married
to Francis... Jane sobbed and cried noiselessly... In
any case, didn't tell anybody.
Amid her 35th birthday celebration Jane began a
scan for a man noiselessly, she joined dating sites,
most circumstances she get defrauded, conned and
played on.... All these didn't make a difference, she
required a man.
Aunty Jane , at long last she's 40 years, she quit
seeking, she developed with an intense heart, Mr
Lucky, a prestigious agent became hopelessly
enamored with her, Mr Lucky who is a widower
rejected getting married after his wife death,
however at last he was in love... It was a miracle,
Jane never saw Mr Lucky advances, she thought he
was a player and a cheat, she maintained a
strategic distance from him... He never stayed away
from her, on a fateful day Mr Lucky disclosed to her
his goals to wed her, she wound up irritated, she
blamed innocent Mr Lucky for attempting to engage
in sexual relations with her.... Furthermore, that was
it, they relationship ended, Mr Lucky chose to
acknowledge his destiny as a widower.
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Days passed, she needed to convey her very own
child, yet she didn't have.
An excessive amount of riches... Nobody to spend
it on.
An excessive amount of riches... Nobody to pet her
when she's wiped out.
An excessive amount of riches... Nobody to
supplement her looks..
.....she wished she acknowledged even the poorest
among her suitors.
That is the tale of Jane, the Beautiful women's
activist. Most ladies wants to be higher than men,
it's unrealistic, I don't generally trust that ladies are
above men... No.. I trust we are on the whole
equivalent.. We are a people, hence we should
share same rights.
To the wedded ladies taking advises from
unpracticed ladies... Be cautious!