The young people, day and night we work
Hustling till our last drop of blood
We speak to the battled of a fizzled state
Tick Tock... Tick Tock time goes by without we pushing ahead
with so much battle and torment we are still called "Lazy" by our Leader
It pierced our hearts, however regardless we work in light of the fact that nobody to bolster us
At the point when did this dimness fall on us?
I know, it was the point at which we voted our Leader who fizzled us
Vulnerability of the youths.......
Woes upon woes, befell us before
And still our strengths have been traded, again
Because for papers we exchanged our rights
Scared of our fears, and love for our sick ones
We signed again a forged document and sold our votes
Now,in tears,day after day.
We mourn our fate
For the same money and peanuts they shared
Bought our conscience and our pride
And now,we reaslie that we should have said no
And remind them that, we all know about what they all know