I had a first hand experience of depression when I was 8.
The reality of being an only child became clearer to me.
My playmates made that possible.
I was reminded at every struggle for toys,struggle for food,struggle for who will be the mother in our play family that I don't have siblings.
At a point,I became very moody.
Mum thought it was what more toys could solve but I wanted a brother or a sister or I would die.
That particular term,I scored low I mathematics.
Low to my mum was anything below 90.I had scored 86.
I stopped going out to play.
That's when I sow this seed of staying indoors and inactive social life.
I had wanted to die too And go to my twin brother.
I tried many things my little mind told me but I survived all.
I grew older and got to interpret that 8year old feeling as depression.
Depression, that negative mood when the only vibe you know is Suicide.
You want to die and leave to nowhere but you thought that nowhere would be better.
You feel you have failed in life and that life would be fine without you.
You think death and disappearing as the only remedy to your worthless life.
Depression is a form of mental illness being suffered by at least 80%of the people you met daily .
Many are walking dead.Suffering And smiling.
Majority have given hope and are just sleeping and waking up.
Even the ones we thought to be well of and living high.
Depression is no for a particular strata.
It affects the tail equally as it affects the head.
I have suffered depression even at this point of growing up and trying to leave your footprints in the sand of time.
So I am no longer speaking of it from my childhood experience.
Let's start a war against depression by going what we can.
Let's share our flicker of hopes with those that are hopeless.
Let's visit the sick especially the handicapped and bedridden.
The prisoners especially those accused wrongly are in need of a Friend. A true friend.
Many hearts are bleeding.
Many have lost their hearts too.
Many have lost it.
A lot are raving mad in nice and neat clothes.
Let's save humanity in our own way.

Do what you can!
Solumtochukwu Ella Okonkwo for Tell your Story initiative.