My African Love

Oh Africa! How I love thee
A jewel you are on earth
Treasured and nurtured by the suns' rays
Greened and blessed with vegetation

How do I profess my love to you?
How do I show this affection to be true?
Do I go to the endless plains of the Serengeti
Where my eyes are treated to a luscious sight of wildebeests

Do I go to the Nile
And boast of her stretched miles
Vast river of cleansing water
Bathing my soul; making me truly African

Do I go to the Kilimanjaro
And worship your greatness in awe
As I stand to gaze at the foot
Of the mountain so grandeur

Do I go to the Ogbunike caves
Where my soul is refreshed
By the satisfying taste
Of the waters by nature blessed

Do I go to the Niger
And sing her praises
Telling tales of lands
That her richness irrigates

Do I go to the Sahara
And sing of the pulchritude;
Beautiful brown grains of sand
That give way for the heaviness of a camel's foot

Do I go all the way
To the god of light
That blesses you with his rays
When morning emerges from the night

Oh Africa! You I lift
On my strong arms
For Her (the world) to see
The beauty in your skin so dark
I profess my love to you
Oh Africa! Jewel of the Earth
Precious orb of the sun
Mother of true beauty.

©Lucky Ebere