She was in the room turning the pages of her new biology textbook while lying on the bed when suddenly, a lingering smell came from outside, perhaps the kitchen. The smell came as fried plantain..........and then.... gradually "suya" , the very flattened roast meat that contained sprinkles of dry pepper and tasted very good with drink.......and finally, the smell became so harsh.
She dashed off to the kitchen only to meet her elder brothers Okey ,staring at the pot that oozed out with was the "egusi soup" that their mum had prepared yesterday.
She made to turn off the gas cooker by the knob but he already did.
" don enter" ( guy you've got yourself into trouble), she widened her eyes placing her both hands on her unbraided hair to indicate they were in trouble.
" Dinachi iii!" A feminine voice called from the sitting room. It was their mother. She pinched her brother gesturing with her fingers in a manner that meant " Talk!!". Before Okey could say anything , the tall woman whose skin was ebony, her eyes large in a beautiful way, appeared in the kitchen, she had on a new Ankara gown, the gown that her seamstress had worked on severally because she kept on finding faults here and there.
Heyyyyy....umuaka egbueee mooo!!!. Na buhari regime ahh?". ( This children has killed me and for that matter in this regime of our president".
She was going to hit her daughter Dinachi when she bursted out
"'s norrr me's Okey!".
Her best friend Emmie didn't like that she pronounced the letter " R" in place of "T" if she was to say " Not, potatoes, and especially sweety" , but she was already used to it.
Her mother was going to hit him but changed her mind.
" Where is your phone?" She feigned in anger , he pointed at where it was and she took it. "All those girls on social media that are making you to burn all my food , you will not talk with them again" she stalked off with the phone . Okey rolled his eyes.
Dinachi placed fingers just under her eyes ,dragging her skin down and pushing out her tongue in a pointed manner," mmmeeeeeerrrrr......nntorrrrrrrr..." She laughed for a while and He found it annoying .
Okey was already in the university and in the second year. He was as tall as his mother but had the eyes of his father rather than his mum, but unlike his immediate younger sister Dinachi who wasn't as tall as he was and had the eyes of his mother.
Dinachi who was in the last year of her senior secondary was always glued to her books. she seldom got into troubles and talked less. She only talked alot if it was necessary and this is why her grandma preferred Okey to her. Okey was always a talkertive person with a very good sense of charming humor. It was his secret ingredient to getting the attention of any lady he found attractive.
Dinachi found it esoteric why her grandma preferred him to herself. She was going to feel a stab of jealousy but changed her mind, after all people had reasons they chose cup cakes instead of pancakes, beef instead of chicken,or a laptop instead of..... Do you like the book click here or the image below to download book.