New book: In Loving Memory of Nene.
By Somtochukwu. D Stevens
It's been six months since papa left home to an unknown, faraway place the night after
he had a heated argument with mama. Not like that was their first argument. They've
had tons of them,but papa being the 'peace-loving' husband would always be the one to
probe a reconciliation even though mama,on many of those occasions, was the one to
be faulted.
Details regarding the argument that led to papa's leaving home is one I never have an
idea about. Not the slightest. I was still in school when the whole event played out. I
came back home to meet an empty wardrobe, and a vacant shelf with mama who
unconcernedly told me "your Papa leave us waka!".
Several times I had brought up the discussion as to why he had to leave without any sign
or trace of him,mama would always heave a heavy sigh and tell me to leave her be,that
she never wished to speak of it. And each time when I persisted, her countenance would
shift to become somewhat relating to grief and weariness; like a child whose candy bar
was snatched forcefully by a bully. It was obvious she didn't want to talk about it,so I
stopped pushing. Whether or not she misses him is a question I cannot answer.
I resorted to asking Nene,my elder sister.
" Ask mama. She caused it!."
Nene replied with disdain written all over her face as she kept stitching her worn out
brown, silk gown. And she'd always mutter something almost incoherent about leaving
home because mama's continuous naggings were becoming too unbearable. I agree
with her.
Before papa left,I used to think wives were the ones wh�o......