Kate was the eldest of the two children of Mr and Mrs John Walker but Kate unlike the others who liked having fun and taking risks was responsible and a workaholic
Kate received a letter from her family that it was Kate's little sister Kendra's  wedding and she didn't have a date to the wedding and she dreaded going alone mostly because of what people would say.kate didn't do romance at all because she's to busy with work and the few guys she did go out with didn't last a week
"Seriously Heather I don't know what to do,every one is going to laugh at me"
  "Oh sweetheart they are not,at least not out loud "heather  Kate's personal assistant said offering a little comfort "if only you would take my advice and go out more and work less"
      "Hey what's this?"heather asked picking up a blue poster on the top of Kate's table
  "Oh it's just something thing someone gave me while I at the supermarket,didn't even bother looking at it  ,what  does it say?" Kate asked
  "Ohhhh now this is interesting , it's an auction FOR MEN,OMG,am so going"
"It says that u get the hunk for the whole weekend,oh am so excited and so going,what about you?"
     "No, you go on without me am not into those kind of things , still trying to figure out what to do about Kendra's wedding"
   "That's it"heather said
"you can buy a guy for the wedding"
"No way am going to buy a guy to take to the wedding"
"OK what other.......

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