Mrs Ruth experience:
It was late around evening time, the moon could be seen yet it demonstrated an alternate shading, it was dark red and the cool air blowing inside the bounds of Nghar village, a serene and holy town dreaded by men of viciousness, this provoked individuals to stay inside Nghar.
Mrs Ruth and her better half laid inside their room, the room was painted with a light blue shading, she was in the arms of her better half who was sleeping soundly, she had quite recently had a terrible dream so she couldn't rest,
"Pa Lami, wake up" she said as she got away from the hands of her husband,
Pa lami, Mrs Ruth spouse was still laying down in his rest, he couldn't hear his exquisite wife,
"Pa Lami" she shouted again tapping him on his chest, yet at the same time keeping up the silence of the night
"Mama Lami, Why u dy irritate me?" Pa Lami asked with a face indicating he wasn't prepared for midnight talks
"I had a dream, no be better one" she said bringing down her voice, as though she was revealing a mystery that an outsider ought to never think about
"you can tell me tomorrow, now I dey tired, good night" Pa Lami stated, his face indicated he wasn't worried about the dream, his pillow and the delicate bed dressed with a white bed poop was what he required
"Oooh, Pa Lami, listen to me o, this dream no better one ohh" she said holding her ears, similar to a mother cautioning a youngster.
It was early in the day, the sky was grinning constantly as it's blue coat obscured the range beam. The stroking stirring breeze luxuriously drummed for the spinning takes off. Mrs Ruth had recently finished her morning routines, and was feeling tired, she'd seen her husband off to the farm before resting, abruptly she woke up to the commotion of individuals running harum scarum, her first child, Lami who was famously called "Long John" by the villagers in view of his great tallness, dashed into her room
"Mama, Trouble dey o, make we they run o, them they battle" he said breathing vigorously, similar to a man who just got away from hellfire
Shots leased the air and the hints of strides could be all around, Mrs Ruth immediately hurried to the farm to carry along her husband, what she saw discharged hot tears from her eyes as they moved down her as of now perspiring cheeks, it was her significant other dead body, he was murdered with a machete on the land of his fore fathers, his eyes were wide opened demonstrating pity.. Mrs Ruth let out a noisy cry
"Lami!!! Your papa don die o" however it was past the point of no return Lami who resembled the main palm-nut being broiled by the visually impaired, he was her solitary child, her solitary child...... Was nowhere to be found. be continued.