I have lived

Have been in sadness

Where were they?

No where

I buckled down

I was constantly alone

Strolled through the barren wasteland

Endured oblivious

Left oblivious

Did I stop?

No do you suspect as much?

The barren wasteland has light some place

You simply need to fi d that light

I never surrendered

I buckled down for that light

I was sold out

My heart smashed and broken to a thousand pieces

I had adored

Thought I was adored

Be that as it may, it finished not surprisingly

Is as a rule alone great?

It will be, it isn't

Its like being hit by a truck

You may survive

You may not

I was hit by a truck

A colossal one

Despite everything I survived


What do I mean by a truck?

I mean hardship,tough times

Indeed I got hit by hardship

I once had everything

Be that as it may, when all was gone I was allowed to sit unbothered

No companions, no family

I lost my father, I lost my mun

Only a child took off alone in this brutal world

You know something about foes?

They generally wait for demise to take you, so they would grieve and act like they cared.

Am only human after all

Yeah I can be taken by demise

Don't put the blame on me.

However, put the blame on me

In the event that I passed on as a result of the truck hit.