Title 'Gone with the war'
About poem:
i wrote this poem
With a thought
About women in the past
How they lost their love one
Because of war
But i stated only a woman
She is talking to her late husband
And to us
Made her the main character read and understand the poem

.During a period of war 

We experienced passionate feelings  

Our affection developed 

Despite the fact that I see you 

As the world sees summer 

That I might contrast you with 

You held my waist

We made love 

I was dependent on you 

I bore a blessed child

Whom we called francis 

What does it mean ? 


All we needed was for the world to be free 

Free from war 

Which would finally shred us 

The clock ticked quicker 

Similarly as time for war draws 

You needed to clear out 

You went to safeguard your nation 

My nation 

Our nation 

Yet, I was left with no resistance 

A long time passed 

I needed you 

I missed your touch 

I missed hw u kissed me 

How u held my bosoms 

How you made love to me 

I pondered where you would be 

I supplicated throughout the night 

For our favored God to direct you 

Secure you 

At last I heard clamors 

Ladies cheering 

I ran out 


Saw them holding their friends and families

Everybody cheering 'THEY ARE BACK!' 

I searched for you

Couldn't discover you 

You guaranteed you would come 

Ohhh no! 

Demise why him? 

I sobbed, I felt helpless 

I was comforted 

I was held 

I was given cash

They said it was for your administrations 

Be that as it may, despite everything I pondered 

Where are you? 

For what reason did you allow me to sit unbothered in this brutal world? 

Would i be able to live without you? 

That I needed to learn