How about we return to when you believed in love
The madness it accompanies, the minutes when your smiles were wonderful
Would we be able to return to when you influenced me to become hopelessly enamored?

Your grins blurred with time,
attention blurred away with time
Yet, my affection never left,
We should return to when you were my fantasy

How about we return to when you were my courageous woman and I, your hero
When I'd lost everything and you will in any case be there with me
At the point I couldn't get you the things you required you'd remain
When you prepared to spend whatever remains of your existence with me

All I need is some individual who comprehends and somebody I can trust,
you where that individual, however not any longer
How about we return, to when I hold you in my arms and you let out an enchanting smile

When you kiss away my agonies.
We should return, to days you'd swear you will be mine
At the point when individuals said we were insane, insane in affection
Days you guaranteed to remain with me until the end of time
Whatever I can wish is.... How about we go back....