The rain has beaten the cow in her eyes.
A cock has laid an egg.
An egg has broken a palm kernel.
This is the story of where i came from,

We are assaulted at evenings, when we lay our heads to rest
Our homes, farmlands, business places
Are burned to ashes, Seeing the flares of fire going up
Makes hot tears spill out of our cheeks

Under the dim cleaned evenings
We assembled there
Under open skies unowned
Hurrying to a position of no goal

On the land for our ancestors
one shot abandons us dead
the blood we bled
left the land of our ancestors red

We are left cool, alone, and broken
On our course of running for equity
Taking a look at the Young ones, the innocent tears they shed
They can't trust this is the land from which they originated from

We are the casualty of innate and religious mercilessness,
presently we are burnt out on been the casualties detest
We are assaulted of our pride
oh goodness,
for goodness' sake, we look to heavens to satisfy its prophecy and set us free

we became invisible, because we are being ignored
The government announcement guaranteed us free freedom,
presently we are sick of being the casualty of disgrace
They're tossing us in a class with an awful name
We can't trust this is the land from which we originated from

In any case, this we can't deny it, this is the place we originated from.