Ngo sobs and pushes away the person's hand, that is gently robbing at her back in an attempt to console her.
“A child that denies his mother sleep, will not sleep as well, where are the sons that sucked this breast, she says beating her breasts. They are now one with the earth and the world knows them no more.
Do not console me, let my tears drop on this ground I sit all dressed in black and speak up against the evil in this land, and against the evil doers.
Cursed be the one who runs away when his children cries for bread " She weeps.
Ngo’s eyes are red and swollen, she cries and rolls on the floor.
Noro her only surviving daughter does nothing to stop her mother, as she is also disheartened.
Not only did she see the dead bodies of her father and brothers, but how they had been slaughtered as cows made her unable to talk since that day, she just sits and stares into space.
Everybody fears that she might commit suicide if left alone, as to why friends dragged her along to go for the protest. She looks at one write up to the other the word 'peace' is so bold, she turns her head away and played with the tip of her black hair tie.
Unlike the others singing mournful songs and standing, Noro maintains her sitting position and says not a word. She wiped the tears that fell to her cheeks and smiled bitterly. Someone would look at her and wonder why anyone should be smiling in a situation like this, little did they know that she was starting to lose her mind.
Especially when words came that the Governor had left the government house, while the old, young, and other survivors stood under the hot sun protesting.
Glad you read to the very end, I will write the truth in books, till there is nothing left to write. "WE JOS WANT PEACE"

©Joy Okwori