Being a Motivational Speaker is beyond what  we could see and know. There's a secret no speaker would want you to know but I want to share it with you.

A speaker is always troubled at heart anytime he received an invite to speak.

Thrilling right?

This is because his mind is meeting and will be interacting with other minds. He ask himself-- Who are those I'll be speaking to? What kind of humans are they?

What about if there's a special one among the audience who knows things at least to some extent? This things will keep on radiating in his head until he balance his mind and do his homework.

I bet you would want to know a Speaker's homework right?

On the homework of a Speaker.

After the thoughts of "who am I meeting and interacting with? Are there some persons who knows almost everything?"

The Speaker will then go on a deeper research. He would even practice his standing posture at the front of a mirror.

Funny right?

Every speaker desire to speak extemporaneously but trust me, it'd take a lifetime of practice to achieve this goal.

A speaker will always be ready to give answers to questions from the audience, no matter the weight of the question. This is because he had already summoned his ability to think and reason before coming on stage.

There will always be different angles from which he can answer a question because he has done his homework-- deeper research. He'll even go to the extent of telling a story so that the minds of the audience would be able to get the real pictures of what he's talking about.

Speaking requires a lot of focus and determination. A speaker is always determined to satisfy his audience.

Never underestimate our words, it can sharpen your life and force you to thrive.