Have you been searching for romantic poems to spark up that special moments with your partner ? Well, these are the best from Africa, written by beautiful and wonderful writers, remember to always give credits to the writers. 
Beautiful Valentine by Chijioke Goodness.
My beautiful Valentine
I want us to sail a while
By the British isles
I would glare into you eye
Searching for that burning desire.
That you claimed to have for me.
I hope those imaginable crushing desire be.
I hope I will be your branch if you're a tree.
I want to be your better half
I want to sing loves songs blowing the harp.
I call you Valentine,you call me darling
I hope we ain't wasting time creating our fountain
They ever flourishes with love not lust
Forever not perishing,
With you I can't be lost.
I hope your tongue is not sweet and all you said you meant it.
Above all your songs suites me and all the events of love concrete.
I love you dearly beautiful Valentine.
Lips by Lucky Ebere


A duo comes together
To fuse in a kiss
Drawn by desire
Set ablaze by passion.
Combing the depths
Of their mouths,
Spreading warmth
In the cold places,
Licking sensuously,
And making flaws pristine.
Eyes closed
So the heart can see
The lustful drive
That sanity chases away
Causing one to withdraw.
Eyes slowly opening;
Mouths now failing to speak.
So tinges in the eyeballs
Say all that there's to be said
The words; I love you.
One More Chance by Chijioke Goodness.
I went away from you
Because I had no clue
Of your point of view.
But now I feel lonely and hurt.
I literally forgot.
That you meant alot.
I think I'm getting those feelings.
They're making me feel so uneasy.
Yet soft and gentle with cravings.
The gentleness of your beautiful eyes
Triggers me like I'm chilling in ice.
The handsomeness of your imperfect face.
Yet intriguing in an erotic phase.
I love you more than you think.
I hope I have a share of your heart to drink.
I hope I get to taste the sweetness of your lips
I hope I get wrapped up in your arms with uncontrollabe clings.
I hope you let me in without a rethink.
I miss the moments we shared, the brightness of your words of love
A bliss the comments ,for you cared, the calmness of my world of fun.
Unconditional your love was. A fool I was to have walked away.
I thought you were false and so I left, baby I was led astray.
When sickness came, you sat by my side chanting pet names.
You made sure I felt no pains.
I miss the way you carried me like a baby I wasn't.
The hide and seek, the throwing of pillows, the pinching of butts ,your niceness had worsened.
Oh my heart aches for you. I can't imagine myself cry for love.
Slow thy time craves for new. An engine that renews love.
So Incase you don't want to love again.Then the engine will help to renew.
I love you my dear, I wish I had more to say than few.
When you fell ill I wasn't there. I made no time for you.
Everything I thought was to dream of my future like love was a voodoo.
And now I'm not only lonely but ready to fall in love again but  with you.
Only you babe. The man of my life.
I promise you hey. I'm gonna be your wife.
I hope you look more like our babies.
Oh these are mere fantasies.
But for now love me again.
And please forgive me and forget the pains.
I love you babe.
Ifeoma by Lucky Ebere.


A stroll to the streams of Ayika
With your perfectly carved calabash
Will be a wonder for all
To behold; as water to quench a raging thirst.
What's to behold oh Ifeoma?
The beads lying in royalty
Around the sleekness of your waist band
Which shimmers in the mild sun's serenity.
What's to behold oh Amazon?
The exquisite braids of your hair
With which you are adorned
And which affirms your geason flair.
If only your eyes would meet mine
And your heart with mine entwine,
Then we'll build real castles
Which will house no hassles.
For an angel is a citadel;
One if grace and tranquility.
If I'll be brave enough
To stop you in your tracks and say a word,
I'll not ask for your heart.
I'll gladly give mine on a platter of red sand.
©Lucky Ebere
Slowly by Isaac Somto

Do you have confidence in affection?
You've revealed to me you don't
I understand your feeling
Be that as it may,
I'm slowly experiencing passionate feelings for you.
How insane would it be able to be?
I can't take it
All things considered, I adore the inclination when I see you grin
I'm slowly loosing mind.
I see you in dreams at evenings
Grinning timidly when I remember you
Your dimple, your wildness, influences me to grin
You're slowly assuming control over my fantasies.
Told mother concerning you
Told my siblings concerning you
Informed bestie regarding you
You're slowly becoming part of me.
My Dark Angel by Isaac Somto

Dear Dark Angel,
I call you dark, not to portray character
However, your lovely melanin skin,
I call your an angel, to clarify your lovely heart
How it sparkles, you are a holy messenger, You're mysterious
Uncommon dark Queen sitting high on your position of royalty
Nobody can have your spot
Your heart is loaded with unadulterated gold
Never to be played with
Purchased or sold
Your Love is Patient Your Love is benevolent
Continually attempting to convey bliss to others notwithstanding when you can't do it for yourself
Furthermore, remembering them close
A decent lady is the thing that you are
An excellent lady is who you're
The Melanin in your Skin
The Plumpness of your Lips
The Honey of your Eyes
The Span of your Hips
The Shine in your Smiles
The Power in your delicate Minds
The Care in your Hands
The Love in your Hearts
Makes U a flawless Queens
Your skin is imbued with rich melanin
Sparkling, flickering in the light
Your lips are stout resounding the tune
Wonderful a capella, song solid
The sweet nectar gaze of your eyes
Gazing toward the sky into the skies
Your regular hair it never streams
A sprouting blossom regardless it develops
The traverse of your hips so wide
Here and there in certainty you walk
Since You are dark.
You are excellent,
You are my beautiful dark angel.
Blissful Moment by Lucky Ebere.

Blissful Moment

Sitting side by side
The windows of her soul says it all.
Sanity still tries to hold the mind
From wandering into raunchy thoughts.
All there was in the room;
Eyes blazing with desiring need,
Utter silence and quiet and
Two who hung their desires in stillness.
Lips drop to find a pair
Which slides open in acceptance;
Tasting the softness of the lower
Sending shivers across spines.
From the depths of her sonorous caves
His name escaped.
Pronounced with longing and need
To bounce on the stiffness of my ears with a tease.
Time hung still and stared
At the scent of our loveliness
With our eyes shut to the present
To enjoy a moment ridden of despair.
A moment of internal peace
Where two fused to be one.
A moment of eternal bliss
Where two shared the warmth of their mouths.
©Lucky Ebere
My African Love by Lucky Ebere
My African Love
Oh Africa! How I love thee
A jewel you are on earth
Treasured and nurtured by the suns' rays
Greened and blessed with vegetation
How do I profess my love to you?
How do I show this affection to be true?
Do I go to the endless plains of the Serengeti
Where my eyes are treated to a luscious sight of wildebeests
Do I go to the Nile
And boast of her stretched miles
Vast river of cleansing water
Bathing my soul; making me truly African
Do I go to the Kilimanjaro
And worship your greatness in awe
As I stand to gaze at the foot
Of the mountain so grandeur
Do I go to the Ogbunike caves
Where my soul is refreshed
By the satisfying taste
Of the waters by nature blessed
Do I go to the Niger
And sing her praises
Telling tales of lands
That her richness irrigates
Do I go to the Sahara
And sing of the pulchritude;
Beautiful brown grains of sand
That give way for the heaviness of a camel's foot
Do I go all the way
To the god of light
That blesses you with his rays
When morning emerges from the night
Oh Africa! You I lift
On my strong arms
For Her (the world) to see
The beauty in your skin so dark
I profess my love to you
Oh Africa! Jewel of the Earth
Precious orb of the sun
Mother of true beauty.
©Lucky Ebere
Divinity In Motion by Isaac Somto 
Her movements, So computed,
she never commits errors
When she strolls, a million times, men swing to take a gander at her back
She tempts each man
When she takes a gander at you, somewhere down in her eyes
You will see deep yearning, sentiment
she poison with her eyes, she knows it'll clearly execute
Each man she looks, she takes his senses
Her waist, exceptional,
She curve it, men eyes rolls simultaneously
The way she moves her hair,
Her lips, painted red
Secures men in the place that is known for euphoria
Her moves, shape, lips,
Are on the whole celestial, paradise sent
Fallen Heavenly messenger, I call her
She's an excellent evil spirit
A beautiful demon.