The stars were just now appearing, but to the east, a single point of light glowed brighter than any
other. I smiled when i saw it. It was Venus. The ancient Goddess shining down with her
steady and patient light.
The night was growing cooler, a crisp breeze rolling up from the lowlands. After a while, I looked over at Leah. Her eyes were closed, her lips relaxed in a contented smile. I could
feel my own eyes growing heavy. Reluctantly, I squeezed her hand. "Leah?" I asked
Slowly, she opened her eyes and turned to me. Her face was beautiful in the moonlight.
She gave me a romantic smile. "Hi."
I felt an unexpected sadness to realize i would be returning home soon, since it was late. "I may
be going soon, I'll miss you deeply, i wanted to tell you... " I paused, a knot growing in my throat. "I'm sorry, I'm not very
good at—"
Leah reached out and placed her soft hand on the side of my face. Then, leaning forward, she
kissed me tenderly on the cheek. "When are we meeting again?�
I reeled momentarily, lost in her eyes. "When?" i paused, curious if she had any idea
how much i had been wondering the same thing.
"Well, probably next month or so"
"Are you sure?"
"Not really, but I'll try to"
Leah smiled playfully. "You presume a lot"
I cringed at how it had sounded. "What I meant—"
"Don't worry, I'll come to meet you myself, I'll give a call before coming"
Leah leaned forward and kissed me again, now on the lips. Our bodies came together, softly at
first, and then completely. I felt her soft breasts on my chest. When she pulled away, her eyes were full of promise.
"We always talk on phone" I managed to say.
"I love you". She replied.