Have someone ever betrayed your trust in them at
some point in life? I guess if one is looking for
some stuff that is capable of causing an emotional
hazard, betraying ones trust I think houses it all.

Trust might take so long to be built, but only a
moment to be destroyed. A fact I know about trust
is that, when betrayed, might take a fortune to be
rebuilt and if it is thus rebuilt its foundation might
not be as rigid as that already collapsed.
Permit me to share an experience with you, just to
get a clearer view and feel of trust when betrayed.
Put yourself together then try to read with optimum
concentration, that’s all required for my story.

Betrayal Story

‘’It all happened some years back on a Sunday
afternoon. At that time, I was in JSS 3. On my
home from church, I ran into some of my hood
friends, five of them to be specific.
After exchanging pleasantries, they told me that
they were on their way to Emeka Offor Plaza there
at Onitsha Main Market to buy a phone and that
they did like me to come along with them.
I told them I couldn’t because I had no money on
me. They all assured me never to worry myself as
they got me covered, saying would take care of
my transport. My brothers and sisters, that was
just how I didn’t get home but followed my so
called friends to Emeka Offor Plaza.
When we got there, the plaza was closed. We
came across some security men around, who
asked us to go home ,that the plaza don’t open
on Sundays.
On our way back, we got to Upper Iweka and
boarded a bus that was heading to Asaba. I and
my friends were so carried away, chatting, laughing
and singing inside the bus as we journeyed home.
I was having fun and seriously enjoying every bit of
The joy was short lived because immediately we
crossed the Niger Bridge; the bus conductor
started the collection of money from passengers.
My friends paid theirs, so as other passengers
Suddenly, the conductor stretched his hand
towards me in a manner that says, ‘give me
money’. I calmly told my friends to give him
money and they all pretended they didn’t hear me.
By this time, the conductor was getting so
‘Boy, give me my money now, you’re wasting my
time’, the conductor thundered at me. ‘My friends
are going to pay you’, I replied as politely as I
could. ‘Who are your friends?’, he fired, even more
angrily. I pointed at my friends and said, ‘please
you guys should stop this joke, give him his
money. The conductor now turned to my friends
demanding for money.
‘Why are you asking me for money’, one of my
friend said while addressing the conductor, ‘or
haven’t I given you that of mine? If you know
anybody seating on your vehicle and hasn’t paid
you, do well to ask them for your money. Please I
beg not to be disturbed again’.
I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that,
though I still kept my mood cool, as I still
believed very much that my friends could be
‘Guy, if we get to Asaba and you don’t give me my
money, you won’t like what am going to do to you.
Idiot, you haven’t got no cash, yet boarded a
vehicle’, the conductor shouted at me, breathing
heavily as if he would pounce on me that minute.
I turned to my friends, begged them until I was
tied of begging. They only laughed at me without
saying anything. Then it dawned on me that I was
in for some deep shit.
When we got to the last bus stop, which was at
Ogbeogonogo Moderm Market in Asaba, my
friends all left me and headed home. When they
left, the conductor took off the shirt I was wearing
and asked me to go. All eyes were on me at such
a market place, ‘how can I go home like this, what
am I going to tell my parents when I get home?
How would I explain going to church fully clothed
and returning with a singlet, trousers and shoe’, I
I was still standing there when the bus moved
away. I immediately went after the bus, running as
fast as my legs could carry my body. I knew they
would stop at a place to load passengers heading
back to Onitsha.
I caught up with the bus, where it stopped to carry
passengers. I started pleading with the driver in
other to get my shirt returned. He looked at me for
some time, I was not exactly sure what he was
looking at in particular, was it my small sweaty
face, was it my eyes that has now turned red or
was it my tiny dusty legs. I can’t say for sure.
‘What really happened, why did you board my bus
without having any money on you?’, the driver
asked. With tears now developing in my eyes, I
explained everything to him. ‘What a friends you’ve
got, if they could do this to you, they aren’t good
for you either, they could do worse things probably
if care isn’t taken’, the driver said.
At this point, he gave me my shirt, ‘thank you sir,
God bless’, I said, almost bursting into tears
(Tears of gratitude I guess). ‘Is house far off from
here?, let me know if I could support you with little
cash to get you home’, he asked. ‘Sir, my house is
a little bit far, but don’t worry, I could handle that,
it’s my shirt that was important’, I replied before
heading home”
Betraying trust is as evil as the devil himself. I
would like a leave a little advice here- Through the
journey of life, some mistakes are too expensive to
make, as forgiving could be a little easier but not
If only man could recall that mother earth still
revolves round the sun, which implies that whatever
goes around, comes back around. We can’t trust
God without having little trust on man, why betray
that trust?