Chapter one
      She would have preferred her story, if it started with a travel, a squabble, a long threatening argument about the most random things. No, it began with three annoying people, writing down informations and asking her questions she preferred not to give answers to. She believed she was innocent.
      Urunne her elder sister whose skin tone was two shades darker than that of their cousin kosi, believed she was the person, the very person who stabbed their dear grandma.
  "Tufiakwa!! ( Godforbid),Urunne how can you say that it was your sister  who did such".Their mother  glared disappointedly at her daughter whose face was thrown else where to prevent the dangerous piercing stare that  her very  mother gave her .
    "Everyone knows ifechukwu our very nice girl can't do such".Kosi said.
   Urunne had a detest for her younger sister ifechukwu, merely because jealousy double gripped her in the corners of her intelligent brain.
    Ifeanyi the boy whose handsome features struck every opposite sex and who was a guru in playing the piano during church services, preferred to converse with ifechukwu her younger sister rather than her, even though she made more efforts on her appearance unlike her younger sister.
    Urunne didn't enjoy how the world or more perfectly....the universe, revolved around the little rat called ifechukwu  .
To be continued...