He was a brother .
A Children's Block Rosary was assigned to his care.
He was to direct and instruct the Children and equally make sure they attend the evening prayers and returned home safely.
It was believed that he was doing the work of Mother Mary and was greatly praised.
He'd also testify of his good grades at School.
She was dedicated to the things of Mother Mary.
She was called Sister.
A name she answered with all pride.
She only wished it to lead her to Sisterhood and then she'd be called a Rev.Sister.
She was proud of Brother, who according to her was her elder brother's age mate but still he never misses the Children Block Rosary.
Her elder brother had told her block Rosary was for kids like her.
She believed him until she'd met brother.
Brother took interest in her.
To him,she was the most devoted child of Mary and would go places if only she remained steadfast.
He got close to her.
He bought her gifts.
At first,it was the medal,holy Rosary and prayer books.
Before the twist in this story,it was harlequin books,ice creams ,clothes and a phone she never knew we know she had.
He do invite her to his one room apartment to teach her Cathechism and Mathematics.
She was to receive the sacrament of Confirmation and take her Common entrance examination and First school leaving that very year the twist happened.
It was the year ,2015.
She had turned 12.
We'd rejoiced with her over cake and biscuits.
Her parents brought the biscuits while Brother got her the cake which had on it rather too bold;
"Happy Birthday My Princess!".
He'd hugged her,not the usual kind of hug while we watched with envy.
I remember regretting missing Block Rosary like three times in a week.Declining brother's invitation to his room many a time and that cost me the role of Lucy in front of our Altar.
She later told me of the after party with brother alone in his room.
How she'd reacted to her first wine.
I'd asked about the "My Princess " and she waved it off with a smile.
She'd said;"That's what he calls me ...and I think i like that ".She could barely look at me.
My best friend.
Yes!She was my best friend before brother came into the picture.
She'd always been the Jacinta while I was the Lucy and Uchechukwu,the most handsome boy in our centre ,my crush actually was the Francisco.
Brother and sister became very close after her Birthday.
They're seen giggling at the back during Cathechism sessions.
They're seen holding hands on our way home.
They're always seen everywhere .
The twist.
I can't tell how It'd happened for I changed center.
But I 'd seen her Mother crying on my Mother's shoulders.they're best friends too.
She was the one who told me about it.
"Brother had gotten Sister pregnant and sister had insisted on getting married to him or she'd kill herself.
Brother was 28years old.
No matter what my friend might have felt towards Brother.
It was still a story of Child Abuse.
I'm Ella and this is someone's story.