Dear Overprotective Parents,

You have never stop saying "Where are you going? where are you? what have you eaten? Where have you been since morning? Who's with you?"
You have never allowed me to do things by myself, "You cannot do this, bring it let me help you. You will hurt yourself"
I know you love me, I know you really do and I appreciate your love. But inasmuch as you love me, don't choke me with your love, let me breathe.
You don't want me to get harmed so you disallow me from engaging in difficult or challenging tasks, you restrain me from going out and entertaining friends.
How can I be a warrior if you choose to fight every battle for me?
How can I be secure if I can't believe in myself?
How can I be independent when I am raised to depend on you?
How can I become a proactive adults if I am not free to engage in unsupervised activities?
You create fear in me by making me emotionally immature. You made me lose my sense of individuality by snooping around me. You hover around me.
I loved this when I was a baby and a toddler but not when I am grown now. I want to be free around my peers, I don't like being labelled as "omo mummy" or "omo daddy". I don't want to lie to get out of the house anymore, I don't want to see the house as a "glorified" cage.
People disrespect me and called me infant just because you want to be involved in every of my activities.
To break out of all these, I resolved to one thing; which is being a LIAR, yes a liar, I think I'll lie just to get a fresh air outside the house.
You never trusted me to do anything. I lie to you about my movements. I try as much as possible to keep things away from you. I refuse to talk to you because I am even scared to open up to you. I lie to you about everything even the things I am least expected to lie about.
"While being protective is not bad; Overprotective parents raise great liars"
Parents by being overprotective, you cannot build a relationship that is healthy. Communication will ever be closed. That is what you don't know, my "loving" parents.
Thank you for raising me to be a good liar.
Best regards,
Unhappy child.
'Kunle Oyadeyi