Caught in between depression and rejection, pain and suffering, helplessness and hopelessness. Now confronted by reality.
The secondary school days, was a dream of how life should be,eyes shut against the full force of how bitter and cruel life can be. Hands wrapped about himself, like a hug.
The world seems so empty, I can see only the trees, the sky above and the land below and the tree trunk, on which I sit and stare.
The lonely days, are a nightmare.
Soliloquizing for hours without end, as I train my mind to think positive.
Gripped and engulfed by fear of what the future holds.
Can I ever shine bright like the sun?
Oh the 90's child, born a time when the world is so confused.
Economy battered and the society stupid.
Born in a time when the educational
system is in ruins.
The 90's child, born in a time when drugs are been abused and immorality is been accepted as morality. Only the strongest of them, will stand strong and withstand the influence of peer pressure.
The 90's child born in a time when dreams are cut short by the chaos, in which the nation is in.
People kill people, the leaders are corrupt, hunger is spread about like wildfire and the 90's child asks the question 'why? '
Oh the 90's child, sitting on this tree trunk and staring at the shiny blade in his hands.
Struggling with the self destructive thought, thoughts to put the blade into use and seize from been in existence.
Eyes fixed pointedly without blinking, staring into space, like in a trance. He raises his head to look far above, for only the Creator can give an answer to the question 'why? '.
© Joy Okwori