She was married in the year 1960, her name is love, she bore delightful kids which were peace, honesty, genuineness, trust and growth. Throughout the years the elders of the village grew jealous of her husband wealth, they devised a plot to kick her out of her husband's house because they all knew she was responsible for the massive wealth. They succeeded in turning his heart away from his wife, love, he took a gander at her(love) in the eyes and pursued her away, she sobbed and howled however all was without much of any result, he didn't heed to her plea, to her request to let her children stay, he didn't feel sorry for the tears that moved down her cheeks, he sent her and her children out!.
A long time later, the elders of the town got him wedded to a grotesque spouse, named hate, she bore kids after some years, similar to the maxim that says a snake must bring forth a long thing, she bore corruption, viciousness, slaughter and massacre, The man of the house became hospitalized in a sour manner, he wound up debilitated, hate kids ensured his well being turn out to be more terrible every day, they plunder his cash and obliterated his fortunes, the elders of the town reaped his huge ranches and took away his harvests, they raped his barns of yams.
Love called as loud as possible, she slammed the door again and again however religion and tribalism, the children of hate hindered the ears of the man of the house, he shouted out in torments as his cash and riches are being plundered... He's shouting out in torments.
For the individuals who don't understand, the spouse is Nigeria, Nigeria a nation which was loaded with the qualities of love(children of love) now is getting futile after It acknowledged hate, Nigerians kicked out love and permitted tribalism and religion, which prevent love from coming in once more, the elders of the town actually mean the lawmakers in know the rest.
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