Yakubu Fidelis story :

In Ruku town, the day was brilliant and the indigenes approached their day by day routines, Fidelis was with his best friend, John, in John's farm. John was a tall young fellow and a gifted agriculturist, however he dropped out from school he had made a significant fortune for himself and his family, a married man with three children.
Fidelis and John were all the while checking the crops in the farmland when abruptly they heard shots, They rapidly hurried to Fidelis house to cover up, on the keep run of their lives, they saw dead bodies as it littered the village. Tragically a straying bullet meets John and he ended up on the strong earth, the valuable red fluid of life that went through his vains spouted out of his body, Fidelis gazed at him with perplexity

"John climb my back, make we dey run" he said with tears in his eyes

"I no get strength" John answered feebly

"Abeg, just help me do one thing" he said

“wetin be that” Fidelis asked looking confused, what could be a dying man wish?  He thought

“Ehen,  just take care of my family, no make my family die, make sure them dey save” He replied weakly, with tears in his eyes

Scarcely one moment after he said that, his eyes were shut and his breath seized, he laid on the ground dead. Fidelis with tears in his eyes kept running home, at least to get a machete before going to John house so he will have the capacity to ensure the safety of his late best friend family.

The Betrayal
Fidelis had at long last arrived at his compound when out of the blue he heard his name.

"yakubs, No run except we go shoot you"

Fidelis was additionally known by the name "Yakubs" gotten from his surname Yakubu, he was called this name by a large portion of his Hausa companions.

He recognised the voice, it was Bello's own, he couldn't be mixed up, Bello was a Fulani youth around his twenties, he was a poor youth that Fidelis and his best friend, John usually fed, he came to Ruku town with practically nothing and broke 6 years prior, he was given love and care by the villagers. Fidelis couldn't trust his eyes as he swung back to see that Bello wasn't the only one, he was with Nyako, Another Fulani youth, they were not wearing an inviting face like they used to put on when they as a rule come to ask for sustenance, they were with guns guided straightforwardly toward Fidelis head,

"Be...llo, why? Wetin i do you ? Abeg make me escape with a portion of my friends" Fidelis asked, his eyes were loaded with pity for as hot tears kept running down his cheeks, not on the grounds that he was being held at firearm point, but since he couldn't trust the thin looking Bello and Nyako pointed weapons at him, he thought they were his friends.

Bello and Nyako eyes were red, they required blood, they were blood tasty,

Fidelis immediately detected that they wouldn't succumb to his pleading, he immediately dashed away towards the door of his home,
Bello and Nyako ended up enraged and they both shot at him, Bello's bullet met him in his hand why Nyako bullet missed him.

He at long last arrived at the door of his home, he drew out his keys and opened the door, he bolted it instantly, searching for his machete in torments and pains,

"Yakubs, if you no comot, we go burn your house" Nyako said angrily

They continued threatening to set the house on fire, Fidelis detected they weren't making void threats, he chose to turn out, quickly he set his foot outside his one room apartment, he was shot however the bullet didn't get him, he rested on the ground putting on a show to be dead, because of the blood stains gotten from the past bullet wounds, they believed he was dead, they looked through his home and left with anything they like.

After laying on the ground for five minutes he chose to get up, he surveyed the area and saw no hint of any Fulani terrorists, he rapidly hurried to his late friend house to get his friend's family, what he saw drove tears and made the creeps on his skin, John wife was killed and a blade was stocked in her head, he saw likewise the dead body of her infant the last conceived, she was beheaded so he saw just the body, he recognised her since she wore one of the garments he knew her with, he hunt down John remaining kids, His sons however he discovered none. He strolled unobtrusively out of the house shaking his head, so this is the end of John's family? His best friend, his he ever going to see John's children? As he thought he let out a yell in torments...

To be continued....