Amara had met Kay at the prime of her life, she was in her early 20s and was so happy she could have someone like Kay..
He seemed supportive and had a keen interest in everything that concerned her..
They had had a perfect relationship until fear began to creep in..
Amara had had 8 abortions for Kay before she turned 28, each time it happened, Kay reassured her of his unending love and support...
He promised to marry her..
He just needed her to get rid of the babies when they came because he wanted to secure a better future for them before they walked down the aisle..
Things began to rip off when Kay met with A FRIEND who was just called into their crew at the office..
She seemed so strong!
Stronger than any woman he has ever met!
Kay fell in love with her
In fact, she was a virgin....
Amara tried all she could to bring back the spice she once had with Kay, but her powers, tears, outpour of love wasn't just enough..
After many months of that absurd and abrupt behavior, Kay finally let the cat in the bag..
He told her how wonderful she had been and how he could not continue with the affair..
She was ripped apart because she didn't know where to start from..
She was already 30....
Turned every other proposal down..
Was eager to marry Kay because he seemed to be the one...
On that particular devastating night, she went naked and cursed Kay...
She pronounced bitter words into the universe against his life...
And.... They practically found expressions!!!
Kay is married, but doesn't have happiness...
Amara is still single at 32 and no one has found her worthy because she is still bitter!!
That is the singular thing that being UNFORGIVEN can cause!
Dear reader...
Have you ever wondered why you are still rotating in that circle?
Why nothing has really changed ever since you cursed those people who offended you?
Why you are even still single since they left?
It is because you have vehemently refused to forgive them!
I know you are saying...
I perfectly do...
But you have to find a place in your heart and forgive that person who wasted your time and your years so that you can have your joy back!
They made you commit series of abortions and dumped you in the end.. Forgive them!
Withdraw every curse you have laid on anybody!
The universe is a magnetic resonance...
As long as those people you cursed are not happy, you can't be happy!
As long as they are not moving forward, you won't move either!
Please forgive and find true peace and happiness!!
There is still hope I tell you!
They may be unforgiven....but...
©Rebecca Nneka