Ada was the name, whispered behind, by shadows in the thick bush.

Walking on a lonely road, you feared
evil lurked in the dark corners, a kind of premonition you always have.

"Ada wait" was what they called out to you as head over hills you ran, away from an impending danger you knew nothing about.

Seeing the faces of the boys in the Hood, who once seeked the attention you never gave, you paused for a while. You ignored the silent still voice that said "run".

This time you tried to be brave, to hear them talk in the middle of the lonely road close to the bush.
Ada do not be afraid you tried to tell yourself, this are guys you know from around anyways.

They were high on cheap weed and was that not kunle, the gentle boy across the street, with a cigarette in his hand?

You thought it was cool, that slowly they made a circle around you. A sheep you became among wolves gone crazy.

The word gang rape came to your mind, but those were just stories told. It can never happen to me, Kunle will speak up you thought.

Like a dream, you saw yourself fighting the fight you lost.

The blows you tried to block, made them punch your eyes and tore at your clothes until you lost all strength.

This were the good guys in the Hood. Good only in the mornings, and at night the terror of the city.

Your virginity broken, your womb damaged, but you never was a whore and never deserving of the treatment.

Your late night walks, made you a prey that was devoured.

Unconscious in a pool of blood, hours later Ada Ada, your name was called over and over again.

Your mother ran to the spot, where you lay utterly broken and was only identified by pieces of your torn skirt.

Your eyes popped open, and on the bed, in one of the hospitals in town, you found yourself.

Last night's event, played over and over again in your head. You gave out a loud scream as the tears dropped down to your face. Pulling at your own hair as your body began to irritate you.

Ada you will be fine, said your mother with tears in her own eyes.

You closed your eyes once again to the pain, pain that had become a part of you.

Where can I find the bastards who did this to my Ada?the only man, your father, who you thought was too strong to be down by anything, broke down in angry tears.

"Save me" was all you said as again you drifted back to sleep. For now, sleep became your only place of glee, away from the reality that tore at your heart.

This is not poetry, it's a non fictional write up on someone's pain.

© Joy Okwori.