A leader of tomorrow gone.
Your act taken out, and done.
I see you smile and sing every dawn.
Yes every dawn of a new day.

I was a he, that you never loved.
I tried, but couldn't have dodged.
Dodged, when the abortionist agreed
with you on that evil.

Your heart nurtured that evil
without a pause, you took out
your schemes and I was gone,
before I could tell you I love you.

Hidden was your secret, you thought.
Be good, you were taught.
you had no thought of good,
when your heart, became like wood.

I was all ready, to call you mother
but you were all ready, to murder.
I thought I was in a womb,
you made it my tomb.

Your act well hidden, you smiled.
but with tears, I took report of your evil to the maker, with no smiles.
The maker also did not smile.
She rejected me, I cried.

She never wanted me, but I tried.
I tried to fight, but the abortionist won,
now I am back here Lord.
Now you are not a mother of a child,
but a mother of a dead child.
I tag you a murderer, you never
cared to know what I wanted.
You went ahead with your desire, I wanted life, but you gave me death. Killing me indeed was your greatest solution.
No no no, that was your damnation.
I have seen the ugliness of your heart, and I do not want you for my self, nor
one of my friends over here.
The maker understands why.
The sun, I your son, never did see.
Cause you acted like ,
you don't know the son of light, when you
opened up your heart to darkness.
A decent maiden you should have been,
legs crossed and not on his bed found.
Yes my Father's bed I mean,
the one who also didn't want me.
such beautiful face you have, but I
can't match it to your heart.
You criticize and mock her,
who bore the child out of wedlock.
I am no judge, but you should be judged.
You are a hypocrite, secretly you murdered a child, openly you criticize another, for bearing her child.
Immorality, she made you a murderer.
You let her in, now you succumb to her.
You should have been a mother, 'my mother' and not a secret murderer.
Your hands blood stained, you paid your
confederate, for getting rid of me, I was
not garbage to be discarded. I was flesh
and blood to be loved, just like you.
Someday, like spoon to plate, you
will want me. Like a sheep, that once was bitten by a lion, I will run away from you, away from a woman that murders!

© Joy Okwori