I started hunting down for my mother's apartment within the compound, I quickly recalled my mother's apartment number "room 17" and i walked briskly to her apartment as I was moving towards her apartment I saw a dark man knocking at the black iron protector bars, he wore a white bariga and black shoes, he had perfect bears, simply taking a gander at him one could state he was rich, I chose to watch what was happening, I held up till he went into the house then I tiptoed to my mother's window and peeped into the room, they talked in quieted tones and that hindered me from hearing what they discussed, I looked as the man removed his garments step by step..

"is mom doing what...?" I asked to nobody yet myself

He held her midriff and kissed her energetically on her neck, this made her let out an extremely enthusiastic groan, I endeavored to think about her eyes in order to read her feelings yet I flopped on each endeavor since she turned her back on me until at long last she got to a point I could see her eyes, seeing her face alone it was evident she wasn't happy doing what she was doing, one could see tears flowing down her delicate cheeks.

The man who once wore white bariga and garments was presently naked, I watched him crush, suck and caress my mother succulent bosoms... The modest penis in the middle of my tender legs didn't move an inch clearly on the grounds that it was my mom I was watching been screwed

I'd quit watching them since it got me irritated... "So my father was right?" I asked myself

Dad always calls mom an "ashawo" , he'll say " no be for ashawo corner I see you"

After a few inquiries I'd asked my desolate self I chose to return to my mother's room

Incidentally when moving toward my mother's room I saw the man coming o
out, I watched mother escort him outside the entryway then I strolled into my mother's self contain

It occurred to me that my mother wasn't a saint either...

To be continued...