Everything started that night, the night I never need to recollect in all my years, it was the night father got back home alcoholic this wasn't a shock to me since returning home alcoholic was his ordinary routine yet I never knew the night won't end typical, Dad was exceptionally furious, he was distraught at everybody at home he hauled mother outside the sleeping barracks and began beating her, he sent her out of the house, as a child of 11 years of age I didn't comprehend what was happening I just felt torments taking a gander at my excellent mother eyes as hot tears originated from them and went through her delicate fragile cheeks, I looked as father closed the entryway in inconvenience as he ventured inside the house, he was working towards me with the quality of the scriptural Goliath, he at last got to me, he held my jaws with anger,i felt torments and powerless that was the point at which I recalled mom again, hot tears surged down my cheeks, mom constantly spared me from him, the monster who calls himself my dad, he said to me
"your turn go soon come"
The terrible breath which proceeded out from his mouth was sufficient to slaughter a person yet I survived it
Five days after the horrible night life chose to play a similar scene again yet this time around I'll be acting in the show life chose to play, father as usual got back home alcoholic with a young lady, she was smoking cigarettes and wore a dress that made the minor penis in the middle of my legs become bigger I chose to get a clearer picture of what would happen, I took a stab at sneaking into the sitting room, the closer I got to the living room the louder the shouts I heard
"ahh...ahnn... Good .. Give it to me... Ahhh....you are so sweet"
those were the words I heard, in my guiltlessness I thought about how an individual could be sweet I chose to feast upon my interest, I at last got to the sitting room and what I saw I couldn't comprehend it, I saw garments on the floor, a stripped lady on top my bare father, she kept climbing and down and my father who was perspiring lavishly, I attempted to draw nearer to the scene until the point when my leg hit the little stool in the living room the plates and trays on the stool came smashing on the tiled floor, my father immediately halted what he was doing and took a gander at the bearing the commotion originated from, there he saw innocent me, my heart was beating like I'll never live to recount this story, he hurried towards me and snatched my hands to his room
"remove your clothes" he yelled at me
"No, I no go remove am" I said with tears spilling out of my eyes, I was burnt out on him treating me like a creature... I confronted him today
"you say wetin" promptly he said that he discharged his belt on me energetically, I didn't see it coming so it got me on my mouth, it gave me wounds which influenced the valuable red fluid in my body to turn out
"Timothy, I no go tell you again..."
"I no go remove my cloth" I shouted, I didn't give him a chance to finish his announcement, he dropped the belt and I thought all would go well yet I was in for a big thing, he chose to demonstrate his police abilities on me
"Ahh... Timothy you will bite the dust today" he yelled like a beast as he snatched me and tossed me hard on the floor, I stood up in torments as I withheld the tears that needed to come out of my eyes
He hurried towards me again and dashed me two substantial blows in my stomach, I ended up frail to the point I thought I'll pass on, I chose to say our Lord's prayer in the occasion I pass on I'll find myself in paradise, I fell on the floor and nestled myself as I watched him returning to his belt
"this man will slaughter me" I thought
I immediately stumbled up and started searching for the keys to the entryway so I'll escape into the evenings, the cold night, before he turned his back I had the keys in my grasp which I saw on top the white refrigerator mom purchased, I recalled how me and mom praised the welcoming of a new refrigerator, I recollected mom and that let out the tears which I held for so long...