Hours has passed, my mother had prepared a delightful egusi with semo for me and Ganja, it was at that point evening, a night so quiet, The sort of night that was welcoming me with an outstretched arm. So we chose to spend a hour doing nothing, sitting and getting a charge out of the best of what nature could bring I left the house with Ganja man, I'd scarcely remained outside for 10 minutes when I began seeing something abnormal in the compound, diverse young ladies who wore foul garments turned out from every self contains, some were smoking, I pondered what my mother was doing in  such a place, due to the fact she always  lectured about decency, Ganja chose to take me away from the area obviously to prevent me from seeing something that could degenerate me, going outside the compound I saw different vehicles outside the compound with various men coming out from them, few went inside holding distinctive hot ladies, this was the first time I was seeing a man kissing three ladies at the same time, I discharged my hands unobtrusively from Ganja hands  so I will get a bit flexibility, opportunity I never got when I remained with a monster who called himself my father
"Come here now" Ganja man said to a young lady who peered toward him as of late
"na me?" she answered back
She was chocolate in complexion and had dim eyes, she was likewise thick, a quality she knew she had so she displays them impeccably
She feline strolled to where we stood, Ganja man rapidly held her hands in a flirty way
"how much you dey charge?" Ganja man asked her
I was  pondering what Ganja man needed to get, it was clear she didn't have any merchandise available to be purchased
"one night na 5k o, why on the  one wey you no go cum sf.. Na 3k... That one na half night" she said as she chewed her chewing gum with so much passion
"Haba you sef dey fuck up, how e go be 3k.. Make am 2k" Ganja man replied immediately
"na 2.5k last if you no gree I dy comot" promptly she said this she turned her back to go, Ganja man rapidly held her left hand, he whispered something into her ears and she let out a coquettish grin
"Timothy...wait for me here, or go get better place stay" he said to me
I watched them leave as he held her enormous round bottom, I pondered round the whole compound searching for where to stay, I started hearing similar sounds like the one I heard the day father tossed me out of the house, I found the self contain I heard the sounds from, I was confounded on what move to take next so I chose to peep inside the house through the window, a  thick lady perhaps in her twenties was on top an old man, I wanted leaving the scene yet something pulled me back, by one means or another I delighted in what I was seeing, the woman's raised boobs was a magnificent incredible sight it looked succulent and...
"Comot for there... Bonehead" the man shouted at me, I returned to my senses and at that point fled
To be continued