"Wetin you dey do with that key?" he yelled at me

"i...i... I no wan die.." stammered as I answered

He wasn't contacted by the tears, he rained affronts on my mother as he moved toward me energetically

"I must do something" I said to nobody but myself

I rapidly hurried to the dining area and tossed the seats at him with my effectively blurred strength, it backed him off and allowed me to runaway, I rapidly raced to the door and embedded the keys into the latches and I ended up outside the desolate roads of the police barracks, It was a dull and stormy night, the breeze yelled through the trees, lightning blazing oblivious clouds. The trees squeaked and groaned as they influenced in the breeze. A desolate yell transcended the clamor.

I held up outside gazing at my entryway thinking father will turn out to get me inside, yet he didn't, he bolted the entryway and returned enjoying himself, Suddenly, the thunder shivered through the murkiness. It split the moon into equal parts and tore the sky and it separated. The lightning influenced the stars to fall, and the clouds let out troubled tears.

I looked for where to conceal far from the rain as it became heavy, dad didn't turn out to search for me in spite of the rain, I continued running till I heard a voice from behind calling my name


I swung back to see who it was, lo and behold it was Ganja Man famously known for his hoodlum way of life, he was additionally a child of a police man yet his father passed on years ago, he was between 22 - 25 years of age, everybody in the police barracks dreaded him and cautioned their children to avoid him aside from my mother, she generally gave him food  because of the reality he was separated from everyone else and accepting the unforgiving blows life dashed him

"wetin happen na" he asked me

"my...papa..." I attempted to talk

"make we comot from rain first, you go kan yarn me the issue" he said as he held my hands and took me to his home, at his home he gave me nourishment and water and left me to regain some strength

"Timo... Wetin sup?" he said in the wake of watching me for 20 minutes

I portrayed my experience to him, he felt terrible and portrayed his own story to me, we ended up passionate and separated in tears.

It was at that point morning and he called me into his room for a discourse, he revealed to me he'll be taking me to visit my mother since he knew where she remained at Edo state, we chose to go the following morning.

The following day, it took us six hours to get to Edo state, we achieved my mother's town which was Ugbegun, situated in Esan Central Lga. At long last we got to a compound loaded with numerous self contain houses, Ganja checked his telephone and mumbled "room 17", we found the room and thumped on the dark metal defenders, we knocked once more

"who is that... I say who be that? " a voice yelled from inside the house, I perceived the voice consummately, it was my mother's voice.

"Na we now,na Ganja and your pikin" ganja answered

All of a sudden, we heard the hints of splitting padlocks turning out from the house, lastly the metal defenders swung open

"Timo my pikin" my mom said as she hurried to embrace me, tears dropped down from her eyes

To Be Continued..

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