'Salamu Alaikum,' I greet as I approach the doorpost.
There is no reply. This woman, Rahmat,is sitting on the wooden bench just in front of her
kiosk,she see me walk in but pretend like I was nothing but just a fly as she swats her palm as if
waving off a buzzing fly. She raise her face to meet mine,but says nothing. She just
hisses,waves her head,snaps her fingers in disgust and turns away, staring into darkness across
the streets. Ido not give a flinching fuck. I just walk over to the counter,collect my room key
and walk upstairs. I am too tired to exchange words with her. Today that Idecide to greet
her,she decides not to respond. Later,she will be first to rant about 'all these lads who no
longer have respect for theirelders'.
'Such waste of saliva and greeting,' I mutter. My greeting was not even sincere,just to avoid
impending accusations and use of my name in cheap gossip.
I unlock my door,twice,step in to the darkness my room is.And lock it. Fling my purse and it
falls on somewhere not the bed. Ido not bother. I pull off the heels,and the wig. My head is
itching badly,so I itch it,and smell. It smells like dirty soaked clothes. I am disgusted but I am
too tired to care. Ido not bothereating. Ido not bother praying. It's been long since I last
prayed,so I fall asleep on the floor with my phone in hand.
I awake tiredly to the ringing of my phone. I hate being disturbed so I normally activate the
flight mode or switch it off completely. But this night,I forget to do either. I am half awake so
Ido not look at the screen to see who it is. I just pick up. There is silence. I wait for the person.....
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