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  • Poems from Africa : Chinelo by Isaac Somto

    nwanyị mara mma
    A beauty seen as an abomination
    As it challenges the beauty of the goddess
    Testing immortal potency, árú
    A mara mma nke na-enwu
    dị ka na nke chi nwanyị nke osimiri

    Anya ya na-ihunanya
    Making strong men become weak men
    Her eyes transmitting signals
    that transports honorable men
    To a land of fantasy, at first sight

    A beauty louder than the town crier mighty gongs
    A beauty which makes men become intoxicated at first sight
    An emerald of inestimable value
    Mma gburu ndị nwoke

    Ya mara mma olu
    Her voice so lovely that it pierce a cold demeanor
    A voice that could tempt even the heavenly dwellers
    A voice one could undoubtedly mix up for Nightingale's

    She moves around during the evening
    At the center of the market square,
    She dances to the sound of Nnamdi Ekwe, Emeka Ogene, Kelechi Ichaka and somtochukwu's Oja
    “Egwu Eji” the onlookers chants
    Ọ nwere ike na-agba egwu

     As she feline strolls down the forlorn trail back home
    Men of various characters stops her,
    The noble men says “M chọrọ fụ ndị begị”
    And the ignoble men says “M hụrụ gị n'anya na-na enyi m nwanyị”.


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