Along the way, sad memories meandered in his mind like a restless wind inside a letter box. He became absorbed, oblivious to the passage of time, unaware of what was going on around him until his phone rang.  In a husky voice he answered her call that broke through his sad musings, “Hi darling, it’s me again” she said. “Where are you now?” she continued. “I’ am close to the airport….” He replied.

The relief in her voice was evident as they were talking. She acted like a sweet, innocent woman who loved and took care of her husband, but she was doing nothing but keeping an eye on him to ensure that “the blind” was going far away. She didn’t know that the flight that was going to pave the way for her to spend a hot night with her lover was going to make one intermediate stop in Tanger along the way to Madrid. He was planning to step off once he reached Tanger and then took a taxi back to Casablanca; his plan was to kill them both. For the first time, he became totally overwhelmed with repugnance hardening his heart. He vainly tried to restrain his anger, but resentment was smouldering  his heart, and turned into deep-rooted hatred. Seeking revenge was the only to quench his thirst to put a stop to this never ending betrayal.

When he finally reached the main gate of the house that appeared to be deserted, all the lights were off, it was pitch dark with no light emitting from an eclipsed moon above him. No one of the housekeeping or gatekeeping staff was there. She sent them home on malicious intention. He peeped through the door that was ajar, as he was wavering in his mind whether to enter or not. He put his left hand around his ear and listened attentively before slowly turning down a brass door knob with an elegant floral pattern and pushed against the door. He fumbled his way around the house and cautiously walked. Hearing no one he turned and walked with a very slow heavy gait on the wet grass toward the bedroom window, and stood still in the gloom of the darkness near the partly open window, listening to her sweet whisper filled with love and passion. But this time her voice was whispering to another man. He pushed a curl of black hair out of his pale face and mumbled to himself. “She never loved me at all” he said.

“She loved my money.” She underestimated him like he couldn’t do any harm, but yes he could, everyone has a dark-side, and by her deception she awakened the beast inside of him. He roused himself from his fear and disparately turned and slid his hand over the wall until he was sure he was at the garage door. He flopped on his back and kicked the door softly with both feet until it was gently open. He fumbled about in the dark to find a gas bottle and a long tube that he hid there. For him, it was the only way to get a cold, subtle, and silent revenge. However, forgiving and wearing a smile was always his best revenge, but this time he wanted to retrieve what he lost, he wanted his dignity back.

In  cold blood,  he approached the window again and carefully inserted the head tube into the window slot. As he slightly turned the gas valve on, the toxic gas started leaking out; releasing his sufferings and pains. The sound of their coughs got high. Her body toppled to the ground as she tried to stand up. She struggled to get up, but the dizziness held her down. Weak and dizzy, she tried to crawl out of the room. The lover couldn’t even move; he was so drunk. She kept crawling, but soon had problems using her washed-up hands. Placing her hands on her stomach, she turned on her back as she tried crawling using her feet to push her in a forward motion. This immediately became a problem as the room was being filled with poison gas. She was bobbing her head back and forth, and wasn’t moving at a fast speed. She knew, she was going to die.

“Please sweetheart, forgive me.”  She said suppliantly as she glanced back out of the corner of the eye and saw his shadow through the curtain. He stepped backward and wiped the sweat off his brow as he was pacing uneasily million thoughts cluttering his head. He couldn’t seem to think straight at the moment. It was as if some strange spell had been cast over him and he felt compelled to run from it. He felt his mind slow down, and everything else with it. A wave of euphoria overwhelmed his senses as he remembered her betrayal; he became convinced he was doing the right thing. When he realized they became lifeless corpse, he  swiftly yanked the tube out. His long black hair flowed freely at his shoulders and whipped across his pale face. All of his features were sharp as he grinned slyly; he got the revenge he wanted. He was able to look up and see an endless sky or high ceiling. Maybe it was just his imagination that was seeing something that couldn’t be seen.