While she brought forth her children, she saw nothing but joy in each of their hearts, she knew she didn't have a future but saw a perfect future in her children.
She didn't learn how to read, but it never stopped her happiness, she had vowed with her own blood to send her children to school...
My children will read and become the nurse I never became, the professor I never became, the pastor I never became, the doctor I never became..
She had done all kinds of casual works to put food on the table, her husband never cared...
She bought the clothes..
Cut the hair
Payed the bills..
She just wanted nothing but joy for them..
Often times, she suffered domestic violence against her from her husband..
She was abused by her neighbors because her husband didn't even show her respect..
She could sit all night with her hand on her cheeks..
I stood up to sit by her, she scrubbed my back and told me..
She had trekked long distances to put a smile on her children's face, we were still little, we didn't understand what mama faced..
Mama faced woes, shame, and pains..
She faked so many smiles, but her eyes were lit with agony..
Mama had no clothes, but her children wore the best.
Mama had no shoes..
But her children wore beautiful kitos
Mama wanted her children to be happy..
In fact when jobs weren't forthcoming, she borrowed money, sold some of her wrappers and made her children happy..
Mama's children are grown ups..
Among the 7 only one cares..
Only one cares for mama..
Mama receives threats of violence from the rest..
Mama still cries because she thought all of them would have become what she never was...
In this motherhood sorrows, she wishes to be dead...
Life is meaningless...
Are you among those who abandoned mama?
Have you made mama smile...
Have you made her become what she never was?
Does mama still trek long distances even now that you've grown up?
Does mama still sell her wrappers?
Don't let mama's tears speak against you..
Show mama love....

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