I remember those good old days,
growing up as a child,
I'm craving now for those good old days,
in search for the old paths
Those days of undiluted love for God.

I remember vividly,
We never had prophecy time,
It can come during the Sunday School, Choir Ministration or even Praise and Worship
It wasn't meant for any prophet or Pastor.

It came on any vessel
Oh! The good old days when tongues speaking had interpretations,
Those days when we noticed the absence of one member,
Those days when we didn't go to church for formalities

Those days when evangelism was a common practice,
Holiness and Righteousness were the basic words,
The sermons were very simple
No need for Greek or Hebrew words,
No need for rhymes.

Those days when there was no cymbals to charge the atmosphere,
But we never had a meeting
without him being present.
Those days when we never needed Pastor
to be in church to confirm God is in Church.

Those days when testimonies we're in the Name and Glory of God,
Not now where it's in the name of  the God of Reverend Senior Apostle Arch Bishop Peter.
Those days when we weren't just contented with what we had,
But smiled at turbulent Situations.

Those days when our dress code showed our identity,
Those days when the was hunger for prayer retreats and mountain experiences,
Not now where men of God have been turned to contracted prayer warriors.
© Akongwubel  Peter Harmlex Bekwapu