Your flaws are beautiful, embrace them.

"Not all that exists has a name
Not all that do not exist lacks a name."  --Eddidiong Etukudoh

Depression, inferiority complex, fear of the unknown and of the future (disappointment). We have different names for the reason(s) we bear unexplainable heartaches. While some are defined, others are states of the mind that prove to be herculean tasks when we attempt describing them.

In our world today, diseases kill less than depression, self doubt and "torturing of one's self" all because of what we perceive as failures but they are actually 'harsh' stepping stones we have to climb on to get where we desire. Humans are not just higher beings. We have higher worries and our bodies are slums of flaws in stagnant pools; fuelling most of our regrets hence birthing depression. But there's something we fall to realize: uniqueness doesn't only entail exceptional success, grace to glory stories and all that we envision of the world's big names. It also entails our flaws and flops, failures and wrongs, falls and bruises...

A school of thought postulates that out flaws are our trueness; they make us truly see who we were, who we are and make us envision who and what we wish to become. So, until we embrace these flaws, nurse them to imperfect perfections, we remain broken like a vandalised pipeline -ready to flare up anytime and die down miserably, usually wrecking havoc.
If you must, torture your problems and not yourself. You're beautiful, inside out, and you hold great expectations. I believe in me. I believe in you! Do the world a favour and believe in yourself. Be your motivation, light your flaws, watch them spark like fireworks for they are the beauty of your existence, the uniqueness of the success story you'll someday tell.

Roar not like a lion but 'as' a lion that you've become now, become a predator to those ill feelings in your head.
There you go! The world is on the watch to see the great personality you will evolve into.
Go forth and win -without being afraid of failure.

"Learn, the earthworm will survive a hundred cuts
Survival is ugly.
Learn, when we drink, we drown our demons for the night,
Only for the night,
Tomorrow a new demon waits behind the sun.
*        *        *            *
Listen to the songs of the wind,
Learn about birds and fire,
We are animals running from death.
Learn, silence is not survival.
It is death in little quantity.
Pick your tears, wear them, be beautiful,
You'll find meaning only in truth and in words.
The sky will not fall at the end of the storm,
Heal and walk naked with the rainbow,
At the end we will be beautiful houses full of scars and stories"

Adapted from Romeo Oriogun's To a Fellow Traveler.

Remember, I believe in you!