Echo of a whisper I hear
Within boisterous acts and noise
Within decision, acts and choice 
Graceful herald of the voiceless voice
Like the 'one crying in the wilderness' 
Emerges the echo of a whisper 

Resounding cognizance of the voice within
Smooth, quiet bellow like a breeze
Answering unheard quiz
Discerning and perplexed but at ease
Tamed with chains of own thoughts
Brood with a crazy pace, still
Emerges the echo of a whisper

Indifference or refusal are lethal as bullet are
Like a range point-blank, shot at the beckoner 
More than actions thoughts are mischief
So was my conceptual belief
Until light, dream and vision makes vivid
As an unsheathed sword, light dispels scales of darkness 
Emerges unyielding echo of a whisper 

Illumined from the cove of the heart
From the wake to dusk, ecstasy or hurt
Now, not felicitous, because boyhood was apt 
The prime of time worth more than dimes 

Though a little late is the recognition just for the mind 
Never better a time when he bespeaks 
Chains of whispers are now apprised 
In faces, places, cases and convictions  
I'm a subject seduced as the prophet of old 
From the whispering echoes!.