Let us pretend we're little children
And pay no heed to caution
Let us turn our fantasies into a game
For that way alone would they be made real
Let's pretend I'm a fully blossomed flower
And you,  a thief whom my beauty has attracted
You'd sneak into my father's garden at night
While I lay peacefully in my nursery bed
Skillfully would you steal me
And off into the dark we would elope. 

Have you an arrow or a sword
To fight my father's soldiers when they come chasing?
Have you a compass or a map?
Or would we trace the constellations to find our way? 
I'd make a fire to keep us warm
And make a paste out of mud to serve as camouflage
While you gather as many logs and palm fronds as you might need
Together, shall we sail away on the boat you've built
Into the land in which you'd show me
The sky bearing witness to our love

Let us build our home by the sea, 
And witness the beauty of the sunrise at dawn
Hold me while the sun disappear into the sky
And profess your love to me over and again
Run with me along the beach
With smiles on our faces and our fingers linked together
Make me a necklace of shells
Whilst i build castles with the sand
Ademide, let's become children once again
Let's be happy; let's live like tomorrow doesn't exist.