Life with all its troubles
getting us absolutely surrounded
with tonnes of events thrown round
both positive and negative
all control lost over.

As sickness inflicts some
desperation rolls in
a struggle to quick recovery
occupies the brain's tracks.

How painful it is
laying on a sick bed
watching yourself diminish slowly
life lost its meanings you thought.

How painful it is
when hunger strikes you hard
with no sight quenching indeed
never minding efforts implored.

Oh how painful it is to love
and not to be loved in return
as the heart got no choice
but rather starts a bleed.

How painful it is
working hard all life long
with no evidence to console one
never minding sacrifices atone.

Majority read through books
to pick little for understanding
like earth backed them off
all effort to this wasted
how painful this could be
as exams dates remains unmoved.

Many struggle towards perfection
in fields they got firm hold
how painful it all did be
when such struggles yielded failure.

my voice arises above all
rising through hearts
for my message got a gift
that of healings power.

Life could be so unpredictable
with various situations thrown round.

Happy are those who win
with patience
over all situations
as they got the keys to earth treasures
the need of God in our life's surfaces.

Why lost hope?
when something could be hoped for.

Why lost trust on all
when someone could still be trusted.

Oh yes!
as all are bound to change
He got change's power over ruled.

There's no need picking broken hearts
you don't need to weep no more
complaining got no need
you don't need to be angry
you don't need to be sad.

All you need do
is lifting up your head
to the master mind of all situations
handing over to Him
the control wheel of life.

That single act of yours
can do the unimaginable
for He alone is love
and with love
all things are possible.