Bigger charms..

    Many a times, things decide to get bigger or perhaps smaller, but it doesn't matter which ever way. The only thing that seems to matter is what gets bigger or vise versa. Could it be our lives?, dreams, fate, fantasies, memories or more intriguing stuff's like "charms".
    Haaa...and I'm guessing from your perspectives, especially if you're African. I know you would get this tricky feeling and boom....what comes to your mind is  red and white pieces of clothe fiercely tied to bones of an animal and sprinkled with some white powdery substance. The substance the south eastern part of Nigerians call "Nzu ". Hey, believe me, charms could mean anything. Thanks to semantics. Everyone has a different semantical opinion and it helps guide our beliefs and actions.

   The abstract being crawled gradually into our beautiful world and them took my parents into its itching arms .death. they died long ago and no one knows the mystery behind their death, I was fifteen then. Sad enough, I was cajoled with this kind of fear, I felt more like hopeless because i was scared that the dreams and goals I have in heart couldn't be achieved plus the agony of having no one to scold you, guide you, instruct you or assist you.
    My parents were rich at the time, we lived at ikoyi in lagos but something happened. Kenechukwu my elder brother squandered everything, it sounds funny, but things like this are unimaginable in our lives until it actually happens to us.
    He was my only family. The rest of the relatives were being careful not to meddle in any situation concerning us. Kenechukwu had this body structure that compelled them to believe that he was old enough. Yes he was twenty one years at that time, but believe me, every damn human being on earth deserves supervision from time to time.
   Kenechukwu was the devil behind my misfortunes, especially after he met okechi , the short guy whose features appeared less impressive, gosh he was ugly, coupled with his bad attitude.
   My brother changed, he stopped giving me money, he stashed  the fortunes into different bank accounts. Day in day out I kept on seeing weird looking faces of ladies . His lovers, but that's history though.
   I got stung by stigma, I really had to do something . This crazy world  we're in, we have to do anything to get our battles on. Fight them alone and be damn independent . It wasn't so easy. I faced so many obstacles. At the age of eighteen after i graduated from secondary school , I worked in a hotel as a receptionist, during night shift I worked as a cleaner. I got my hands into any thing positive as far as it got me money. Ever since then, I felt this sense of Independence. I'm this kind of person who doesn't want to share my thoughts with people, I don't keep friends, I don't even visit my relatives. I enjoyed my space and privacy.
   Believe me, I still didn't feel what i wanted to feel. I felt so incomplete , with no sense of belonging to anyone. I was lonely and nowhere .
    Hey, it's very normal to get tired of life, or more horribly, want to end your life.yes, because most times results don't show its face so quickly. Being assiduous might in that point in time, never work.perhaps even forbearance plays a little role.

   On a wonderful Saturday as an introverted personality that I was, trying something unusual wouldn't be much of a bad idea , so I decided to go visit the amusement park not too far from our area and spoil myself a little since my bank account had just  been credited  yesterday .I crossed the avenue of stately buildings until i decided I changed plans after I spotted a big fast food at the junction. That was where I met Balogun Ade. He had this kind of deceitful appearance. He wasn't attractive, he was handsome in an unnoticeable way, you have to watch his features closely before you get the charms...awnnnn!. He approached me. Like I was charmed. I gave him a chance. I listened to him. His sense of humor was great, we talked and talked until I had to go. He dropped me at my place. Usually