Uncle and I were neighbours.
I lived with my parents.
Uncle pestered and made advances to me.
I didn't understand then, I was just 13.
He asked if I could keep secrets and if I was big girl.
I bodly said yes, unknown to me uncle had other intentions why he asked me that question.
The next day I came back from school, mum and siblings were not back yet.
I waited in the balcony and uncle came there, I felt disturbed to be alone in the balcony with uncle.
We got talking and I was stretching my neck in between to check if any of my family was on the way.
Then I sighted mum, I felt a bit relieved. Immediately uncle told me to sit and reaffirmed the answer I gave him the previous day.
Mum was few yards away, he knew that.
And he hurriedly kissed my lips, and told me to keep my promise and not tell anyone.
My first kiss came from a 31 years old uncle, I had mixed feelings, I didn't know what to think.
Should I tell mum or I should act as a big girl who has just been kissed.
Confused, I didn't say anything and kept it a secret, never did I know it was the beginning and uncle was determined to molest me.
Few days later, uncle called me into his room, I contemplated whether to go or not.
He told me to get something for him, I entered and delivered it, the next thing he did was to hold my ass and touched my small boobs.
I ran away, I cried, why would uncle touch me like that.
He saw I was moody and he was scared I was going to report.
He apologized, I reported to my friend.
And she told me to stay away from him.
But how could I stay away or avoid him when uncle was my next door neighbour.
Uncle continued later on, kissed me a lot of times, fumbled with my body, and at a particular time he wanted to rape me.
But unfortunately for him, we packed away from that environment.
And that was when I regained my sanity, I cried, and couldn't disclose it to anyone.

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