Can my fears dance to the slow rhythm of ballet?
Or to the loud vocals of metal?
Either way,
These phobias must subside,
And make way, for I deserve better.

My mental deficiencies shouldn't be the end of me.
Neither should a physical blunder get the best of me.
No mortal is perfect,
We're all quite flawed,
Most of us just fake it,
A mere disguise,
To deceive the staring eyes of the ever watching world.

We live in a world where the 'normals' get to decide who's sane,
Who is retarded,
Who is lame.
Who is able, and
Who is not.

So today I say,
I'll take every chance,
Drop the loads of fear,
And without a second glance,
Do the things my peers couldn't,
Because their feeble minds thought it impossible,
Or maybe 'cause society had bled in deep the thoughts of it being unachievable.

You call it a disability,
I call it 'This ability',
This ability I'll use to achieve my goals,
When all seems lost,
And my friends turn foes.
When it all looks grey,
And my 'they' become 'those'.

I'll reminisce 'bout my darker days,
The aura pleasing,
The moment lasting,
Remembering a popular saying;
'If I can't get rid of the skeletons in my closet,
I'd best teach them to dance'.
Drops pen*
<b>-Phaày ll The Wordsmith