Tell the boy child,
That having a rod
Does not make you a god.
The Y cell chromosome
That runs thro' your blood
Does not make you a lord
Over the girl child;
You're not any more special
Than she is; stop being wild.

Tell the boy child,
That strength is not a function of sex,
Nor is sex a determiner of ones relevance.
You aren't strong or thick
Because you are a male,
Nor is she then wrong or weak
Because she is a female.
What defines true strength
Is ones ability to control his emotions
from going haywire; maintaining repose sans commotions.

Tell the boy child,
That 'boy' does not spell 'bully'
Nor does masculinity
connote impunity.
Tell him that only cowards
raise their hands on a lady.
Tell him it's foolishness
To lord it over the girl child,
And silliness to abuse her 'n' think
You can get away with it.
You are not superior
And she is not inferior.

Tell the boy child,
That respect is not commanded
by coercion or bullying,
But is earned via dignifying conduct.
If you desire her respect, earn it.
If you won't, then forget about it.
No one owes you any iota of unearned respect,
Not even the average girl child.

Tell the boy child,
That tears is not a sign of weakness.
Weak men don't cry,
Only strong men do.
Strong men are full of meekness
Unashamed to bow to their emotions.
Tell him it's not a crime to ask for help,
But it's a shame to live to beg for survival.

Tell the boy child,
Your father was once a boy
Who fought to become a man.
Tell him, that to be a man,
You must bid boyhood farewell,
And embrace the arms of responsibility.
It's stupidity to fold your arms
And wait for your father's wealth.
Tell him that wealth laboured for,
Is more satisfying than wealth bequeathed by a rich forbear.

Tell him, that
it takes a voracious reader
to make a sagacious leader;
It takes seeing farther,
To be a great father;
And to be an awesome husband,
You must be keen to understand
What it takes to satisfy your woman,
Physically, spiritually, 'n' emotionally.

Tell him that
Real, responsible men don't rule
by strength but by classical sense;
The classical sense of insight 'n' foresight;
That uncommon common sense of wisdom,
That propel one into stardom.
Charge him to work tirelessly
at becoming a leader worth following,
A father worthy of his kids emulation,
And above all,
A husband worthy of his wife's respect.

Tell the boy child that,
There is strength in every weakness
And weakness in every strength.
Tell him that folly rests in the bosom
Of every man, so...
When you flop, own up!
When you fall, get back up,
Look up; cheer up; never give up!
Yes, spruce up, but don't mess up!
© Alfred Joseph Poet4Christ