blood everywhere
no future clear
unity questioned
life's love personal.

oh what a pity,
evil working
nobody talking
curses inflicts
safety takes a vacation
hatred the chief judge.

so terrified i ask
what's karma gift for Nigeria?
how could these atrocities be made up for?

all hope for a better Nigeria lost
for its signs got no vision
more life wasted for no just course
more yet to be wasted.

finally the advice drop thus,
"when life got no meaning where you live, walk away"

how long shall we run?
how long shall we wait for a better country?

yes they say,
it all starts with me.

the more innocent people we let down to be killed, 
the more unseen problems greater than all coming our ways, 
which non can escape.

this killings must end,
else nothing good will ever arise here.

written by : Imaeruaka Nzubechukwu Joseph
           (zuby aka inbuilt-wisdom